Thursday, August 30, 2012

On my birthday

Dear Mommy,

Twenty-nine years ago today, you became 'Momma.' You prepared and pushed for that moment. I was just along for the ride. Nearly three decades later, I realize you worked the most for these 29 years. I was still mostly along for the ride. Even now, that your 'big-little girl' is all grown up, I rely on your work.

Thank you. You cleaned messes and wiped snotty faces and made hundreds of lunches I refused to eat. You swept and taught and prayed. Thanks for holding dinner while I rode Gremlin. Thanks for holding me while I cried over some silly boy {or some silly horse}.

My birthday is more about you than me. My life started, but yours' was never the same. Thank you for showing me how to love my family through serving them. I love you!! bug

Dear Daddy,

Twenty-nine years ago today, you became 'Daddy.' I will never forget Mommy telling me that you always had a boat... until I came along. Then you gave up oceans and lakes for the pool with a clipboard and stop watch. Did I ever tell you how much it meant to me that you were standing at the end of the pool when I climbed out?

Did I ever tell you how much it meant to me that you spent your weekends watching ponies trot in circles? Watching beginner skaters twirl at glacial speeds? Watching us play tic-tac-toe in the outfield?

Or that time we played basketball, and you blew out your knee... again. You told me, while we were sitting on the porch, ice bag draped over you knee, that you knew that might happen, but you wanted to play with me anyway.

Thank you, Daddy. I never doubted how much you loved me. You set a Godly example of sacrifice. I love you!! bug

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  1. Such a beautiful tribute, Katie! I think they must be very happy with the results of all their work:):)
    Happy belated birthday!


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