Friday, April 29, 2011

A house, maybe, possibly, I like it, could work... Ugh.

DH took Gwennan on a shopping trip for an upcoming camping trip (he's leaving in about 2 hours). With a quiet morning, I felt the need to blog. 

I'm realizing the problem with sporadic blogging. It's hard to find anything to say unless you provide big news or you are in the habit of talking about the details of your life everyday. Reading my Bible isn't that different. If I'm doing it everyday, a slow day in Leviticus is no big deal. If I'm sporadic, it's very hard to read.

Anyway, my head is swamped with images of houses, where we would place furniture, what color I'd paint the walls, how I would work in the kitchen, blind guesses at the atmosphere in the neighborhood. I'm allowing myself to become exhausted with analysis. I wish I had a spread sheet where I just plugged in numbers and magically came up with the correct house at the end. 

Honestly, I think we found the right house; I'm just being a wimp about it. Owning a house is such a big responsibility, and I'm nervous to take it on again. But this house has everything: well designed kitchen, small office space for my sewing machine, sunroom, 3 bedrooms, hardwood floors, fireplace, HUGE workshop for Tim (He would finally be out of the guest room!), quiet neighborhood two streets from the bay, fenced in yard, extra parking, laundry room. Even as I write this, I'm thinking, "Come on, fool. Make an offer!"

In years past, I've prided myself on being decisive. However, a couple of my decisions, big decisions, have haunted me. For instance, the dog I brought home 2 summers ago who never bonded with us, insisted on pooping only on carpet and chewed on our furniture if we didn't give her our undivided attention. We found a new home for her, but I still get calls that she's escaped and can I come pick her up (microchips are only helpful if you update the info!). Basically, I question my own judgement.

Please pray for us as we make a decision, maybe even this week about housing. In the meantime, we're constructing a new patio at our current house and landscaping parts of the backyard. My postpartum brain is so overrun with decisions right now that I can hardly grocery shop. Thanks for your prayers!

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  1. Oh girl! Praying for you all! It is super tough to make these big decisions without being plagued with all the "what-ifs!" Praying for peace and wisdom!


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