Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday morning... Collecting my thoughts

I should have just given up blogging for lent.

In case you're wondering, I didn't. Maybe I should have. Then I would have spent my extra time meditating on Jesus's crucifixion and resurrection instead of whatever I've been doing (most of which I don't remember).

Still house hunting. And bad news for the avid "Momma" reader, the house at the top of the list is a major fixer upper. That means lots of manual labor for me (hopefully accompanied by lots of weight loss) but not much time for writing. But I'm really excited (like wake me up at night excited) about the chance to make a house totally ours, I mean, top to bottom, in and out, ours.

One of my favorite parts about this house is that none of the appliances/HVAC work, so we can replace them with greener models. It's hard to justify replacing a working furnace, but a rusty dinosaur that sounds like a jet engine... I can apply a smug, "look at me, aren't I green" smirk on my face as I watch it drive off. I like that (which is why God hasn't given me a Prius; I would have a permasmirk).

To add to my creative excitement, this month's issues of Real Simple and Ready Made arrived this week. I've been slowly pouring over the pages, dog earring projects I want to tackle. When do I have time for this?!! I don't know. A girl can dream, right.

I'm making a mental "at our next house" list. At the top of my list right now, no gravel! That sounds nitpicking, but I can't count the number of times I've embedded a rock in my foot that has been carefully placed in the middle of the kitchen floor by my daughter. Each rock is different, and she is determined to show me every single one. It used to be pine needles. They were much softer. I actually miss finding handfuls of pine needles in the living room.

This has been a silly, rambling post, but it's a pretty accurate picture of my mental state. Please pray for us as we continue in the house hunting process.

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