Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sarah's Senior Thesis

Whew - I came home just in time. Gwenny woke up with a low grade fever and a bloody nose?? Random combination.

Afton and I spent the weekend in Knoxville visiting my sister for her final art exhibit. In three weeks, she's officially a professional ceramist, no longer a student. My parents are almost done with us. Almost.

I couldn't mention my trip before because we were trying to surprise Sarah. Granted she only reads the blog about twice a year, but Murphey's Law dictates that she would read the blog as soon as I hinted the trip. None of that even matters because the surprise didn't work. She just assumed I'd come. She told everyone at the craft center I was coming even though all evidence pointed to the contrary. She knew I couldn't skip her big day.

The show was fantastic! Want to see?
Covered Bakers with Lionfish Detail

"Xray Plates" - Each animal has a raised section showing an Xray image.
My fav - The chicken has an egg.

Every piece of fabric in this quilt was hand dyed. Super cool.

The softer side of Sarah - her linens, again all hand dyed

Bug Mugs - each mug has a different bug inlayed on the porcelain.
I brought one home for Tim.

Set of measuring cups - 1 cup, 1/2 cup and 1/4 cup. This would induce anyone to bake.

Finally, my apron. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. Afterall, I looked at that pattern for months in microscopic anatomy. It's skin, microscopic skin. I love it. It satisfies my nerdy science side and my crafty side at one time. Also, I've wanted a Sarah apron for about 4 years now. She made one for my other sister, and I've been waiting around for mine to appear. It's finally here.

Visiting the craft center wasn't the inspirational moment you might expect. I mostly felt defeated, at least I did while wandering around the gallery. Now that I'm home and more removed from the unattainable artistry, I'm feeling somewhat more inspired. Hopefully, some interesting posts will come out of the beautiful work I saw this weekend.

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  1. Your sister is really talented! I'm definitely impressed, especially since she can make pottery, quilts and linens! I can barely make one thing :)


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