Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beautiful Collision

I just came home from church where DH (a youth pastor) tied a 50 pound weight and a cantaloupe to the ceiling and smashed them together. The middle schoolers were delighted by the flying fruit bits as the melon splintered.

It might sound like Tim just wanted to destroy produce creatively (maybe he did), but he applied it really well... When fruit collides with a weight, the fruit changes. When we collide with the unchanging almighty God, we change too.

If I'm honest, I haven't been allowing myself to collide with God recently. I've done everything possible to avoid it, actually. TV, yard work, facebook stalking, laundry, on and on. In the process, my heart's becoming hard, hard toward God and toward my family. Rather than find some Freudian/hormonal excuses for my actions, let me just publicly admit and repent of my sin. I need to be on a crash course with God!


  1. that's a genius idea Tim had to illustrate his point! perfect for middle schoolers!

  2. He's good that way. Very creative with his lessons.


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