Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back to needles

I'm knitting again. Swollen fingers and pregnancy carpal tunnel have made knitting an undesirable hobby for the last couple months, plus I have a hard time knitting stuff for cold weather during hot sticky summer days. However, I've recently hit a knitting streak.

By knitting, I mean yarn craft in general. I crochet as much as I knit. But "knitting" is a much less cumbersome word than "crocheting" (which is even a trick to type).

Anyway, it started one evening when we took Baby G to a restaurant where she sat directly under an AC vent and was turning blue by the time dinner was over. I decided that she needed a short sleeve jacket of sorts to wear on summer and fall evenings when the AC is on high or the weather drops a few degrees. That sent me digging through my yarn stash (a super size ziploc storage bag that is so full, I can't shut it anymore) where I found some very soft Caron Eco yarn. My mom is shuttering even as she reads this because she doesn't believe in any yarn that isn't at least 123% natural fiber and hand painted, but I don't have her yarn budget.

Her little sweater was a crocheting delight - almost instant gratification. I remembered how nice a quiet craft is. While I love the even more instant gratification of sewing, I don't love the sewing machine waking G from her nap or working in the sweat shop I refer to as my sewing room. Knitting, on the other hand, can be done in any convenient location in silence except for the soothing background noise of a movie.

I'm looking forward to knitting a few items for our new baby as well as for my friends who have recently become mommas. Happy needles, yet again.

P.S. The basic pattern came from ravelry although I modified it some to fit my needs.


  1. This is adorable! So worth putting off painting the kitchen another day!

  2. Really cute, Katie. I've kind of given up my crocheting in order to pursue using up an embarrassing fabric stash.

    I've never gotten the hang of reading a crochet or knitting patten -- I just do granny squares. That's a double crochet stitch, right?


    Great idea. Excellent execution. Can't wait to see Miss G model it! :)

  3. Thanks! It looks really cute on her, if a little oversized, and I definitely should have used bigger buttons. Oh well. As for your fabric stash Angie, that was a huge part of my not knitting for a while. My fabric was becoming convicting, so I tried to reduce my guilt by reducing the accumulated fabric. Of course, my yarn stash continued to grow during that period. So now I'm guilted by something different.

  4. It's always something, isn't it? :)


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