Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Who's three??

Revisiting blog posts, it seems like small one gets most of the pictures and big one the stories. Maybe because, as you saw last week, big one has grown a bit bored with momma's camera. Or because small one doesn't yet have the words for humorous quips.

I thought I'd break trend today. Show pics of Gwenny and a story from Afton.

The girls love to fight. Afton especially. She creates situations for them to fight about. Just for the fun of a good fight. The most popular topic: mac n' cheese. Small one will start, Let's fight about mac n' cheese {I am not making this up}, then they yell back and forth over who likes mac n' cheese and who doesn't. Afton's favorite game.

With more words, her fight-starting skills are really improving.

The other night at dinner, she recognized a chink in big sis's armor and attacked. No! That's how she starts. Just No! No explanation, just a fight.

Big sis is immediately thrown off her game. They are fighting, and she doesn't even know what about. You can see the desperation building in her eyes, as she tries to regain footing. No! she yells back.

Small one, No! I two. You three.

Big one, No!

Small one, No! I two. You three.

Big one, really frustrated now, No, I'm two! You're three. I'm two!

Long pause. Small one sits back looking satisfied. Big one is still trying to figure out what happened.

Wait, I'm three?

Afton says nothing. PoppaDaddy and I hide silent giggles behind coffee mugs. Gwennan is still unsure.

That's our little girl. Genetically predisposed to ruffle feathers. I've never seen her prouder.

{I don't meant to misrepresent them. In general, the girls work together very well. For instance, this game of 'Pooh sticks' rapidly became 'Pooh landscaping timber' with a bit of sister team work.}

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