Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A gift for life

Dear Son, my little man,

You don't know it yet, but before you even arrive, you have a tremendous gift... your dad. Not just the genetic potential for a Paul Bunyan-like beard and bones that never break. You have a dad who lives like a man should, who loves The Lord, shoulders responsibility gladly, and leads his family. Not every little man has that example.

I pray that as you grow, you look to the Word like your dad does. That you trust the Bible. That you study the Bible. That you see the Bible as your greatest resource on this Earth. Because it is. Nothing else answers your questions and guides your life like the Word. Your daddy knows that. If you watch him, you'll know it too.

I pray that as you grow you pray for your family like your dad does. That you trust God with your family to do the real work in their hearts. That your first posture every morning is one of humility and recognition of your Father.

I pray that as you grow you watch out for your sisters like your dad does. That you treat them with respect and keep their best, that is Godly interests in mind. That you speak up when they are in danger. That you tell them everyday that they are beautiful. That you value their girlish view on life. That you include them in your grand adventures so that they don't need other boys to take them.

I pray for your future wife that you will love her well and sacrifice for her like your dad does. That you will joyfully pull weeds when she is too pregnant to bother. That you will always thank her for mundane chores and never treat her like a babysitter, a roommate or a sexual ATM. That you will always kiss her goodbye and praise her often and highly in front of your children.

I pray that you will serve the church like your dad does. Sure he's paid, but look carefully and you'll see how much unpaid work he does that no one ever notices. Be busy about that work. That's the work the church needs.

If the list is daunting, remember that these are my prayers. I don't expect you to manage on your own. God is fighting for you and in you. And He has started the fight by giving you a dad to lead the way. You are blessed!

Love, momma

To my dear husband - I love you! Thank you for showing our boy how to be a real man. Happy Birthday, Hun.

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