Sunday, November 18, 2012

Migraines and mystery fevers

Small one and I are having a sick day, moping around. When she cried for me last night, I knew she would wake up sick.

It's funny. When big one was a baby, I didn't trust the thermometer unless it was rectal and over 100.

Now I use my hand. Ooh, that's a 99. something forehead. And I'm usually right.

That's my note for teenagers today. Those years days that you think your mom doesn't know you at all. She can tell that you have a half degree fever by placing her hand on your forehead. That ranks right under 'eyes in back of head' on the superhero scale. I can't imagine finding someone who knows you better {at least before you're married - T can predict a migraine hours before it hits}.

Tylenol, gray fall weather and NFL. We'll muddle through this day yet.

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