Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In leu of a coffee date...

I find our lives in need of a catch up post. This may become a Fall tradition.

End of September - welcome Auntie Meg. Tour Richmond, camp, knit scarves and mittens. Remember how awesome gaining a grown-up sister is.

Laugh until it hurts over Big One's skunk story {which is quickly becoming legend} as she acts out Daddy's fear upon watching a skunk waddle into our tent. Calling for help from a sleeping Momma, but she didn't wake up. Neighbors coming to the rescue, and shine a light on our tent. Then the skunk waddled out of the tent. The end.
Photo courtesy of Megan Ellis

Photo courtesy of Megan Ellis 
Photo courtesy of Megan Ellis
October - Annual camping trip to Montebello. Apple festival, friends and cider around a bonfire, finding a dead copperhead, then a live copperhead, leaving before the temperature dropped to freezing.

Can 24 quarts of my best applesauce. Wash clothes. Put away tent and cook stove. Teach a few more phonics. Pack beach clothes. Dress for a friend's wedding. Leave from the wedding to the beach.

Fantastic week with my family. All of us together for the first time in a year.
Drive home in stiff gale. Dig out camp stove and hunker down for Hurricane Sandy.

Start sewing princess dresses for Halloween. Put sewing machine away and borrow princess dresses for Halloween. Celebrate big one's third{!} birthday.

November - Share a few days with friends. We were first time pregnant together but haven't seen each other since babies were born. Now we're both showing off two babies each.
Say goodbye to friends. Change sheets in guest bedroom. Say hello to Grammy and G-pa.

Bake a cake. Learn to make frosting with awesome MIL. Celebrate joint birthday party at the park...

with our new dog!
It would be cute if she were waiting for Tim. She's actually plotting the demise of the neighborhood squirrels.
Whew! A very good, very full Fall. Much to be thankful for.

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