Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A day late

Happy birthday, Baby A!!

Can I still call her 'baby' now that she's 2? She's okay with it. Unlike her big sis, small one is in no hurry to give up her spot as baby. Just this morning, she wrapped herself in her blankie, popped her finger in her mouth and nestled into my chest like a newborn. I'll take it.

She feels like the forgotten child. Big one is such a spotlight hog tour de force that small one is largely overlooked. As if she is still the pretty newborn with nothing to say.

But we know differently.

All yesterday, she spread birthday cheer. Happy birthday to yoooooouuuuu! She sang to her friends, to the cashier at Costco, to the owl on her pj's. That's our girl. She's not having fun until everyone around her is having fun too. A shy extrovert {can that happen?}.

So I'll remember later, a few favorites:

Book: Go Dog, Go! She bounces and squeals over every page, especially the do you like my hat? pages. No!!! she yells at the pink poodle.

Toy: Can't get enough babies. Babies with bottles. Babies in strollers. Even better when we get a real baby over for a visit. Loves babies.

Song: Baby Mine {yes, the sad one from Dumbo. She's obsessed. Sings it constantly} or maybe Gangnam Style

Game: Her face screws into an ornery scowl, points her finger at PoppaDaddy and says, no! over and over again. He doesn't even have to tell her to do something. She just likes telling him no! My MIL, SIL, and I love this game. She looks just like DH when he's being ornery and difficult.

So happy birthday, sweet Afton! I love you so very much. I'm so glad you came along to bring joy and silliness to your tightly wound Momma and sis. We need you!

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