Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I need ice down my back today

I have a melancholy streak. I won't label these downturns 'depression.' Not that I'm above depression. But some of you struggle with darkness I don't understand. I don't want to minimize your fight.

So I say melancholy, Eeyore-ish even. Glum.

To break the spell, my dad would drop a piece of ice down my back, then tickle me so I couldn't remove it. A silly cue to stop seeing only the morose.

Disclaimer: I don't recommend you {especially if 'you' are DH} drop ice down my back when I'm in a dark mood. You will probably catch me in a hormonal tempest waiting for a victim. No, that move is just for my daddy.

All of my drafts today have been dark and harsh. In need of a sanguine editing eye. So I leave them for another day in favor of a whimsical, refreshing moment in the kitchen.

Gluten Free Goldfish Crackers - actually Noah's Ark crackers, but Pepperidge Farm flavor

I found the recipe here. And in an unusual move, followed it to the letter {Alright, I added 1/4 t turmeric to enhance the color, but for me, an exact replica}.

Cutesy cookie cutters {I usually hack rolled dough into odd rectangles}. White rice flour. A moment of uncharacteristic whimsy, especially on a day when I wanted to hunch over black coffee and contemplate the meaningless of life.

I slipped back into my Eeyore costume as soon as the cheddar zoo came out of the oven and dinner plans were upon me.

However, the crackers are amazing! {when was the last time I used an exclamation point?? Amazing!}

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