Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Encouragement to Proceed

I love my hubby.

That's not a new revelation (although I don't say it publicly enough). I mention it because: DH wants me to blog. He likes Renaissance Momma enough to miss my presence on the internet. Such an encouraging, if undeserved presence in my life.

So here I type. I toyed with starting over, adjusting my focus, streamlining my purpose in a new blog. A fresh start. Again, DH steered me back, pointing out the recipes and craft projects and growing pains already documented on these virtual pages. I don't have to redefine myself to grow.

Reinvention - one of my great vices. I'm quickly overwhelmed with flaws and feel like I need to throw everything out and start over. Example - Afton's birthday cake. I tossed about 3 pounds of cake after tasting the chocolate cornmeal sponge and drippy ganache (really gross - I'll get to why I used cornmeal later). T was so disappointed with the trashed cake that I had to bake cookies as consolation.

My point - I can't just dump whatever doesn't come out perfectly the first time. Especially people. My tendency to reject the whole over my frustration with part will lead to a family who feels they can't succeed. Instead I must learn to accept shortcomings as places where God's work is most abundant and obvious.

This summer, I read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp (check out her blog). She encourages us to express gratitude for God's gifts and look for His Good in everything. Her cheerful thanks to the Almighty was a difficult encouragement to someone who doesn't naturally hunt for beautiful. Again, a place for God to perform His perfect reconstruction.

So, here's the blog restarted. I can't really reinvent Renaissance Momma because I'm still the same blogger with my ADD crafting, untested parenting skills, and newly gluten-free, often vegetarian cooking. Here's hoping that God's continued work in me will encourage you, the seriously loyal readers who have not stopped following this sporadic blog.

I didn't throw out the cake before letting Baby A enjoy her first piece of chocolate cake.


  1. Thanks. I should have given a shout out to the Blum family too. You guys are always so encouraging.


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