Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A couple project-y thoughts

DH likes to remind me that I have absurd focus, namely that I obsess about something and let everything else slide. I have a couple big focus drawing projects right now, so I don't have a long cohesive post this week today. Instead I thought I'd combine mini thoughts.

First, a gardening question: Do you remove suckers from tomato plants?

{Not sure what I'm referring to? Here's a picture. P.S. You're probably in the "don't bother" category.}
Last year, I pruned religiously. I turned those vines into tomato trees and saw fruit within weeks of planting. But that was it. I got half a dozen 3" tomatoes, then they were done.

This year, I left my plants alone, suckers intact. They took twice as long to produce fruit, but that fruit is huge, 6 inches or more. Too many biology classes taught me that more leaves means more photosynthesis means more energy to pack into fruit, but what do I know.
So I ask, do you prune your tomato plants, or do you leave them alone? And with what results? Hardly a life altering question, but I'm still curious for your response.

I should mention that all my plants are heirloom varieties. Might make a difference.

Next, an excuse for not posting regularly/update on crafty doings around the house:

I mentioned my newest quilt the other day. Here's a preview:

I call this my "newest quilt" like I quilt so often. Let me be more specific: my most recent, which happens to be my second ever, all on my own, no sis or mom to help me out quilt. The first was a simple 9" block pattern which I quilted with a 'stitch in the ditch' technique. Not advanced, but much loved by big one.

This quilt is still not advanced technique by quilters' standards, but I feel like I stepped up my game with more piecing and free motion quilting {still to be attempted - we'll see how that bridge crossing goes}.

This is where my focus and free time is going. Subsequently, my writing is sloppy {never mind my house and cooking}. Thanks for your patience. I should be finished, well, sometime in the near distant future.

Another P.S.: Sorry for the hoaky Instagram borders. The Canon felt like too much work this morning.

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