Friday, May 25, 2012

A long walk home

"We ride the big white bus?!?"

Since the airport tram, big one has been enchanted with public transport. And I must say, that's cheap entertainment. $3 for the whole family. So we speed walked to the bus stop and hitched a ride.

All 4 miles down Warwick to a yuppy section of town. Maybe they don't think so, but it has no practical shops, just boutique types. And beautiful old houses with full gardens.

At an antique/consignment shop, I found a bin of lace scraps - yards and yards for $1. Quilting fat quarters for $.50. Bags of buttons. I could go on. Oh, and the sweet proprietress had a pot of coffee brewing. Perfect.

Even more perfect, the girls ate a snack on the picnic table out front while I dug.

The sky was so blue, and we were enjoying conversation, so we decided to ditch the bus ride home and just walk through the old neighborhood with the great plants.

6.7 miles...

In flip flops...

80 degrees and 100% humidity (the peninsula knows no less)...

Small one in arms for miles...

"Oh, Thank heaven for 7 eleven." Never appreciated that before. Iced Fanta hit my lips, and my knees buckled a little.

We're home, laying before the fan, blistered feet elevated, Slurpee cups drained, babies napping. A nearly perfect family outing.

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