Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cuteness du jour

Simple post for a slammed week: the babies and their antics.

We learned "Follow the Leader" last night. Trying to exhaust some wiggles before dinner guests arrived. This morning I poke my head into their room at the sound of loud, unusually solid clapping. Big one looks at me, We playing follow da leader! We marching! and so they are, marching like organ grinder monkeys banging wooden puzzle pieces together. {grin}

Big one continues composing:

Jingle bells. Jingle bells. All through the town. {still beating puzzle pieces together}

A B C D E F G L N M ah poop - giggles to herself. Her third grade boy humor is developing early.

Happy day to you. Happy day to me. Happy day to us.

Reciting Goodnight Moon:
Goodnight sun, goodnight moon, goodnight stars. Goodnight mush and goodnight hush. Goodnight mittens and goodnight cats.
Then a craft break to speed a morning that started too early {big one asks for lunch at 10:15}. Instead we color construction paper and cut out A's and G's. Such a silly small project, but I'm working with 1 and 2 year old fine motor skills. The girls proudly wave their letters, mostly in the cat's face.

Small one, well, it's just been a messy day. Fortunately I am close when big one yells, Sissy have messy diaper.

How could she know that?

Then: OOOh, Sissy, don't eat poop.


It's not over. Want to see lunch?

Bath. Clean up. Reading. Both asleep within 4 songs {I time how long I've patted a booty by the cd}. I'm not bragging. I'm exhausted.

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  1. They are lucky to have you as a momma!


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