Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Two Swans

This morning marked a new era for us... the first ballet lesson. My girls are officially old enough for dance class. Oh my goodness.

The class was a joy to watch. And even better to hear the retelling from the girls on the way home. They had such different experiences, neither of which exactly matched my outside view of the class.

I saw 12 tiny girls flitting around the studio, vaguely following Miss Emma's instructions. Adorable, uncoordinated movements. Like a puppy tripping on its ears {mine was the only child to fall over practicing first position}.

This morning might have been the highlight of Gwennan's 4 years on earth. Everyone in their black leotards and pink tights standing on their green X's, moving together. She swayed her arms dreamily side to side. She exulted in her toes as she pointed and flexed, pointed and flexed. The order and grace that Gwennan demands from life.

From that description, you might be wondering why we signed up Afton at all. Because she loved it too. In a completely different, free spirited fashion. Her demi plie resembled a weight lifting squat. When it came time to skip around the room, she must have imagined a series of puddles to jump in. Even during stretches, Afton took breaks to shake her wiggles out. Her ballet was all her own, and she hasn't stopped talking about it.

When we arrived home, they insisted on practicing. The first ballet lesson recital for an audience of Daddy is all scheduled. They even identified which pieces of furniture could substitute for the big mirror and the bar.

Then they wanted to watch ballet, so I pulled up the final scene from my favorite, Swan Lake. Gwennan is going to be the princess swan {Of course}. But she won't fly away and leave the prince. That's craziness. Everything is so clear cut in her 4 year old world.

Afton rebuts that she wants to marry the monster. Mommy, can you please ask Daddy if I can marry the monster tonight? She preferred his crunk style movements to the flitty prince.

And I suppose that's how you have ballerinas to play the white swan and the black swan.

Brother also thought ballet was wonderful. A whole room full of sentimental moms ooh-ing and waving to him. He sat in my lap, chewing on my hand thoughtfully as the women beside me noisily described her plastic surgeries {that was a rough, hopefully unusual, introduction to dance mothers}. Carrick deserves his own update post, so I'll save further comments until then.

Happy dancing everyone!

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