Friday, November 1, 2013

Ciao October

Apple week is complete. Golden quarts line shelves.

Halloween is complete. Only one meltdown over costuming.
4 month check up is complete. Brother is long and skinny with a giant noggin. The way an Ellis baby should be.
4(!) year old birthday is complete. Gwenny acted the princess all day, buried in books.
My sister's pregnancy is complete. Baby Margot is anxiosly awaiting the arrival of her Auntie Kate and Uncle Tim.
When I write it out, I see the Fall is all but complete. Just another baby born, Afton's birthday and Thanksgiving to go (all of which should occur within a 3 day window).

With the 70 degree weather and still green trees, part of me believes the calendar is lying. We can't possibly be 4 weeks from Christmas season. But here it is anyway.

While she didn't get an officials milestone this month, Afton has made the biggest growth of all. She's becoming a little girl, no longer a quick toddler running behind Gwennan. Our little girl is becoming the big sister, a role she claims with pride. Sweet Afton.

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