Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Keep calm and carry on - a wartime slogan

Thank you, Grammy - Carrick and I have a restful morning, quiet house and a doctor's note to spend the morning with my feet up.

It's been so long since I typed out my thoughts that I've rather forgotten how to start. Always a struggle for me. I write all the time or none at all.

We're living in a strong current. One of those stages when days sweep you on their way. You don't so much steer as react and navigate with the activity around you.

I'm not scared of these stretches like I used to be. I was all white knuckles and fighting, unwilling to "ride it out" the way older and wiser friends, friends who lived through more currents, kept recommending.

Anyone else see irony when a teenager sports the phrase, "Keep calm and carry on."
Who has less understanding of persevering calm than a teenager? Not enough big storms in 14 years {we pray} to understand currents and ride out the rough parts.

So, are things crazy at the Ellis house? Oh yes. Are we hanging in there? Mercifully, yes. God is good!

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