Thursday, May 9, 2013

A few 'thank you's'

Why my hubby rocks:

1. Last night, he accurately read my "will this evening ever end?!" face and offered me rest {more accurately some uninterrupted time to work on 'princess canopies' for the nursery}.

2. He took both girls with him to work, so I wouldn't be tempted to put them to bed by myself.

3. He took out, in public, two little girls wearing: pajamas, rain coats, pink fluffy snow boots, and crocheted hats with bear ears... in May.

4. He thought it was great.

5. All this after painstakingly blotting ball point pen from the couch cushion after an absentminded momma left out her pen and an artistically driven 3yo added a monochromatic pattern to the sofa.

6. And that after a four-shampoo-and-rinse bath cleaning diaper cream out of little one's hair. 

Which reminds me, I need to say some big thank you's.

First to my Love who is doing his job and mine when I sit on the couch and try not to contract. I thank The Lord for you every day!

Then, to Matt {the boss man} for encouraging a flexible schedule during this crazy time.

Finally, to all of you who are praying for our family right now. Your prayers are felt. This week has been a reprieve from the overwhelming exhaustion of unchecked contractions, dual barrel rebellion, and a lot of tears. We feel like a family again. Still in a struggle, but not alone, and not losing. Earthly efforts haven't increased, so I can only give credit to God's grace. And your prayers.

Thank You and thank you!

From a very grateful momma

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  1. P.S. For those of you praying, Little Man is healthy and growing. No complications affecting him thus far. Praise the Lord!


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