Monday, February 11, 2013

Boy or girl?

Friday is the day... we find out Baby's gender! DH and the girls could not be more certain or more opposed.

DH knows it's a boy, refers to baby as, 'little man.' He'd really like another guy in his corner. Someone who would vote for a trip to Bass Pro over a craft day at home. I get that.

The girls are dead set on a baby sister. They used to be cool with the idea of a brother but not any more. I told them that a little brother would be fun, like having their friend Jonathan over to play. Big one's expression clearly said, 'meh.' Small one just became more firm, 'No means no! Girl!'

I'm the only neutral party. Boy or girl - I can't be disappointed. I'd really love to get some trucks and mud and snails around here to balance out the pink and paper dolls and princesses. I love watching little boys play, especially outside. Small one doesn't realize how much fun she would have with someone else who likes getting dirty.

But my own two sisters are such a blessing. Three girls - our own version of Little Women. And I couldn't imagine not having them both, especially as grown up friends.

Essentially, we can't go wrong.

Now's the time to poll the audience...

What do you think, girl # 3 or little man??
In case you are a big believer in old wives tales:
Heart rate: 155 bpm {same as the girls}
How I'm feeling: very few migraines, but morning sickness was a doozie {opposite from the girls}
How I'm carrying: low and forward {same as small one}
What I'm craving: mostly salty, but I never pass up ice cream {I was all ice cream with the girls}
That's all I've got... no draino crystals or needles from strings. Sorry.
 I'll let you know what the ultrasound reveals on Friday.

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