Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Celebrating a life well-lived

We're back. Settling again. Bags unpacked {half of them}, forgotten charger overnighted, groceries bought, bread baked. Regular life is returning.

Thanks for your prayers last week as we traveled back to Tennessee for my grandmother's funeral. I broke blogger etiquette by the absence of a tribute post. I didn't eulogize either. I had no words, at least no new words. By God's grace, I already said what I needed to say to my grandmother.

Her funeral was as hopeful and encouraging to me as the most God-centered wedding. A reflection on a life well-lived. A celebration of glorious homecoming. I left her memorial inspired by God's work to change our hearts here on earth. She asked for a party, no tears, and to hear, "O when the saints go marching in." She got it. We celebrated our memories of her life, then hung out until the wee hours of the morning enjoying each other. We left physically drained and emotionally charged.

We'll catch up more over the next couple days {I am going to get back in the habit of posting}. For this still hectic day, that's enough.

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